Guide to CBD Oil and Cannabidiol Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol, more popularly referred to as CBD is an oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. CBD oil can either be obtained from the edible parts of Cannabis Sativa or other elements such as the stems and buds. But how different is CBD Oil from CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is touted for its natural pain-relieving properties.

CBD Oil VS CBD Hemp Oil

While CBD Oil and CBD Hemp Oil may have identical health benefits, these two have a crucial difference. The differentiator between these two oils is its Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content. THC is a compound present in all cannabis-derived products, but its concentration levels vary depending on which part of the plant it is extracted.

THC is the component in Cannabis products that produces a psychoactive effect that could be mind-altering. Some consumers described the impact as euphoric, while some say it gets them feeling stoned. Either way, a substantial level of THC is addictive; hence, it is prohibited for selling and consumption.

For instance, CBD Hemp Oil is extracted from the food-grade parts of the Cannabis Sativa and contains only less than .3% of THC in dry weight. This threshold is the same threshold approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for use, legal possession, and selling. CBD Oil, on the other hand, could contain higher doses of THC. Its THC content may exceed the .3%, which in effect could yield mind-altering results.

Benefits of using CBD Oil and CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Oil and CBD Hemp Oil have the same health benefits. Its only difference is the THC content. Once the difference is out of the way, a host of medical benefits that could help in both chronic and acute illnesses could be uncovered.

The discovery and use of CBD Oil can be considered a medical breakthrough. It is growing in popularity such that it is being preferred because it is a natural and a plant-based medication. Moreover, unlike other drugs or supplements, it is non-addictive, and it can be legally used.

Amazing Health Benefits

CBD Oil and CBD Hemp Oil are both reaping positive feedback in the market for the heaps of medical benefits that it can produce. Here are some:

1. Cannabidiol or CBD Oil is Anti-Inflammatory. Say goodbye to chronic or acute pain. Oral intake or topical application of CBD Oil can help relieve pain and heighten a person’s pain threshold. Its anti-inflammatory properties work well with chronic pain conditions, including arthritis, rheumatism, and Fibromyalgia. It can also help with acute joint and muscle pain sustained through over-exertion or injuries. 

2. CBD helps relieve pain related to long-term and terminal illnesses. Cannabidiol taps into the body’s endocannabinoid system, which in turn helps in effectively reducing pain. The pain relief level is so robust that it can help in pain management for terminally ill patients and those afflicted with long term illnesses.

CBD Oil can be a highly effective pain management supplement for cancer-related pain. It also works well for muscle spasms commonly experienced by patients who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Research proves that MS patients who have tried CBD Oil have reported improved muscular function, specifically those involved with their mobility.

Pain-related to long-term illnesses like Fibromyalgia can also be relieved through CBD Oil intake. Fibromyalgia is characterized by over-all body pain such that a person can no longer function usually. With CBD Oil as a regular supplement, Fibromyalgia patients experience an improvement in their quality of life.

3. CBD Hemp Oil has significant dermatological health benefits. CBD hemp oil can be beneficial in relieving serious dermatological concerns like Psoriasis and Eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties and practical moisturizing benefits can significantly benefit conditions characterized by dry skin.

CBD Oil also has skin-clearing properties. The fatty acids and the vitamins found in CBD Hemp Oil can be beneficial in healing and preventing acne and dermatitis. Likewise, it is an excellent skin maintenance supplement too. The anti-oxidants contained in CBD Oil helps delay the skin aging process.

4. CBD Oil is beneficial to neurological health. Cannabidiol has significant health benefits for the human neurological system. It is said to delay the cognitive decline of patients suffering from neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s disease. The supplement also helps improve the patient’s psychological outlook and physical condition. 

5. CBD Oil is a primary ingredient in the anti-epilepsy medication. One of CBD’s claim to fame is its inclusion as a significant ingredient to a pharmacological drug meant to address childhood epilepsy. Some children are suffering from epileptic syndromes like the Lennox-Gastaut and Dravett. Epidiolex, the pharmaceutical drug that contains CBD, can reduce if not prevent seizures in children suffering from these two hard-to-manage syndromes.

6. Cannabidiol can help with sleep problems. While there is a significant natural and pharmaceutical sleep aids in the market today, CBD presents itself as a one-of-a-kind sleep supplement. CBD Oil does not only help induce sleep in insomnia and anxiety patients, but it also helps them remain asleep. As it calms the nerves and the brain, CBD helps in keeping the body at a relaxed state. Such a comfortable condition enables the person to fall asleep and stay asleep until his body has fully recharged. 

The six health benefits mentioned above are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. At present, medical researchers continue studying CBD Oil and its medical promises. Experts say there is evidence relating to its ability to improve cardiovascular health. Some research also points to its anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties. All in all, it is a great natural supplement. People should take advantage of it.